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        "I once heard a young preacher say, “Everyone has a good idea about their lives – but not everyone has God’s idea about their lives.” We are good at making plans… plans that seem right. How often do we make plans and then ask God to bless them instead of asking God what His perfect will is…for us…you know….our purpose in life?


      In 2001, God placed a spark in my heart to check out missions.  At first it was just that, a spark.  I hadn't really seriously considered anything beyond going to college, beginning my “ministerial” career, until I went to the Philippines to share the gospel with my own family – I am ½ Filipino and ½ American. That solo trip changed me in many ways. I look back on that trip with fond memories as well as awe in our God who sent me.


        In 2002 I lead a team of youth into the heart of Mexico. This trip stoked the spark in to a flame.  I witnessed a group of teenagers change before my eyes. Taken out of their comfort zone, these young people had their hearts broken by the things they saw and experienced. Their reality changed. Sure some of them soon forgot about the trip upon returning to their normal routines in the USA (or at least seemed to) but others have gone on to experience missions as a way of life.


      This is our goal at MFI.  To give all people, regardless of denominational background, the opportunity to get personally involved in world evangelization.  The training and experiences will hopefully lead participants to live each day on mission.



       Statistics prove that short-term mission experiences will provide participants. with:

              - A broader perspective of the world and increase cross cultural understanding

              - A taste of culture other than their own

              - A transformed view of the world and its needs

              - An opportunity to share their faith in both word and deed

              - An opportunity to consider missions as a life-long calling


      Since 2002, we have been involved in short term missions to the Philippines as well as Nigeria and Liberia – West Africa. We invite you along for the journey.


       There is something inside of you that caused you to checkout this website and shortterm missions in general. Let’s call this a “spark” and lets get honest and admit it is God who placed this spark inside of you.


       I encourage you to take the next step. Go on a short term mission’s trip. There are many good organizations to choose from and I pray that God will lead you to the right opportunity. Make the decision to go and you will see the “spark” ignite into so much more….let’s call this the “missions flame”.

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Jeff Hoglen

Matthew 28:19-20

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