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Micro Enterprise


Defined: A micro-business is a business started with as little capital as possible, or less capital than would be usual for a business.


We believe in giving a “handout” to those in need. We have come to believe that more can be done to give people a “hand-up”.  We believe that unless we have a solution in mind, then we become just a part of the cycle of poverty.


Micro Enterprise is a tool to help the poor but business-minded, make a living and break the cycle of poverty. Basically we provide small-scale financial assistance to poor and needy people who would like to borrow money without any interest, in order to establish small-scale businesses.


The people who apply for these loans must meet the following criteria:


Have no access to formal banking systems / conventional loans. Take general business classes given by affiliated pastors who are also business owners Complete a business proposal – assistance given by OAIM ministers. Feasibility study completed and then approved by the OAIM staff. Commitment to join accountability group made up of no less than 3 other micro-business owners. Commitment to repay the loans as outlined in loan contract


Loans ranging from $25 (US) to $100 (US) will be given based on the above criteria and discernment from on-site staff.


Classes are offered once $1000 is raised and is on hand for dispersal.


Loan payments are put directly back into the micro-enterprise fund in order to repeat the process with other applicants.

Get Involved


To donate to this worthy cause you may donate via PayPal. Please contact us for more information.(jeff @ oaim.net)


If you are an entrepreneur and would like to share your knowledge with others in a third world country by all means contact us.


Upcoming Classes:


Cagayan de Oro – Philippines – May

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