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Philippine Missions

Missions Flame is a ministry of Open Arms International Ministries (OAIM).  OAIM believes that working together across church and denominational lines is crucial to serving God effectively. To that end, OAIM partners with local pastors in the community to offer outreaches using music, drama, and gospel illusions, seminars and workshops, and ministry directed toward specific groups like the poorest of the poor – those who live in squatter areas.

This summer's Philippine missions team will have the chance to work with pastors doing neighborhood outreach, putting on children's programs, and ministering to church congregations through seminars, drama, or music. We are excited to have you bring your own unique gifts to the table and to incorporate these into the outreaches planned for the team.


Cost - $950


This cost includes accommodations, food, in-country travel, and outreach materials. Note: This fee does NOT include airfare to the Philippines. We will gladly assist you finding the lowest possible airfare.


Duration: 10-12 Days


Ministry Areas: We typically minister in at least 2 different areas within the Philippines. It is our goal to expose short term missionaries to both inner city missions as well as rural areas.


Some of the areas we minister:


Antipolo – Combination of city and rural

Baresbes – Rural

Cagayan de Oro – Combination of city and rural

Manila – Inner City

Mindoro - Rural

Pinili - Rural

Quezon City – Inner City

Talakag – Rural



Note: Rural missions require the ability to hike long distances. People who use medical devices that run on electricity should not apply for this trip since some areas have no electricity and other areas may experience brown-outs.

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