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"Surprise Me God Missions"


We are told to go to the entire world and preach the gospel and that includes the USA! We are launching a new mission experience that was initially called the "East Coast" - Anything Goes Mission Trip." We have since been calling it the "Surprise Me God Missions."


The idea stemmed from a book called Surprise me - a 30 Day Faith Experiment by Terry Esau.  The premise of the book: What if you started each day with the words "Surprise me God"? No agendas, no plans other than waiting on God with eager anticipation of what is about to happen next.


Take that premise and put a missions trip with it and this is what you get.


A starting place - most likely in North Carolina since that is where we are located.


The team will spend a week heading south... and sometimes west, taking the back roads equipped with everything from children's ministry and sporting goods to paint and construction materials.


Each day will start with the prayer - "Surprise Me / Surprise us God".

The rest is in God's hands.


Shoot us email if you would like to be part of this adventure!


Cost: $500 which covers everything you will need.  You just need to find your way to the starting point - NC.  (City to be determined but most likely Raleigh or Charlotte)


Duration: 7-10 days


Note: This is bound to be an adventure so please... no high maintenance people : )

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